Our first frame

The meager beginnings of Charlie 5.0

Our first build

This was our first attempt to begin building our robot, Charlie 5.0. During our first build meeting, we started to assemble the frame, and ended up with the our robot shown above.  This is only the beginning. The first step was to prioritize. We had to establish what we would build first.  After deciding it would be a good idea to have a fork lift to flip caps and place them on poles and a ball intake system and launcher, we started to build. 

By our first competition, our team is optimistic that we will have a working, driving robot that can at least flip caps. Team Major Trouble is excited and looking forward to a great season!

Take the Pledge

Being an all girls team, Major Trouble needs to take a leadership position in this one.  Lets figure out a time when we can get these signs made, get pictures taken and submit these items.  Lets also be an advocate for the Girl Powered program in our area.  At Worlds last year, REC Foundation CEO Dan Mantz stated he is working for gender equity in our competition by 2020.  That’s a BIG goal, but one we can surely impact, and the sum of all the small efforts locally will make a huge difference. 

See the requirements at girlpowered.com.

Thursday meeting

Don’t forget. We will have a Thursday meeting this week at 6 at the Ruff’s house. Due to stragglers and there’s always “just one more thing to finish”… we would like to be wrapping up at 8:30 to allow time to get home by 9.

Event #1, November 3, 2018, Kettering University VRC HS/MS Turning Point Tournament, Flint, MI

Event #1 will be our debut event for the new Major Trouble! This event at Kettering University  (Map) has been good to us in the past. The full schedule for the event is available at the event website. As competitors, we will need to get there when the doors open at 8:30am so we can check in and get ready for the day. As always, the days are long and may run over the scheduled 5pm stop time. If you are inviting family to come, they don’t need to get there until the matches start at 9:50am. Finals are scheduled for 2:50pm and awards are scheduled at 4:30pm.


UPDATE 18-10-16:  Up for grabs are the following awards:

  • Excellence, Design and Tournament champions (2) – Invite to East Michigan Regionals and Create US Open.
  • Skills Champion – Invite to Create US Open
  • Judges Award
  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Tournament Finalists (2)

Event #0 – EngiVEX VRC HS/MS Turning Point Tournament, Grand Blanc High School

Event #0 is the tournament hosted by our friends at the EngiNERDS, FIRST team 2337 here in Grand Blanc. The full schedule for the event is available at the event website. We are planning to attend as spectators to learn more about the competition this year. It is scheduled to run from 7:30am to 6pm, however you do not need to be there the full time. Qualification rounds are scheduled to run from 9am until 3pm, with lunch from 12-1. Finals rounds are scheduled from 3:15pm to 5pm, with awards at 5. For those of you new to Vex robotics, this is a great chance to see an actual competition and understand what its all about. For all of us, it’s a chance to observe what works and what doesn’t, and begin sizing up our competition. See you there!

2018-19 Online Challenges Posted

Team – the online challenges for the 2018-2019 year are posted.  Not all have details yet, but the challenges are named.  You can look at other years to get a flavor of what will be required.  In the past, online challenges needed to be complete to be eligible for the Excellence award at Worlds, but that is changed this year.  You are not required, but I would bet the judges will ask what challenges you did.  I am guessing that completing some will up your chances for success.

From the looks of it, you can enter for:  VRC Girl Powered – What it means to be GIRL POWERED, VRC Promote Award – Submit a Vex promotional video, VEX Photography – Submit a photo that represents what it means to be involved in robotics, Team Website Challenge – create a team website, Electronics online challenge – investigate something electrical and learn how it works, Make it real CAD challenge – Submit a design in CAD, Robot Virtual Worlds online challenge – Create your own game in Robot Virtual Worlds.

Online Challenges are a great way to continue learning about robotics, design, and engineering.  They also come with prize money and often an invite to VEX WORLDS, plus the best prize, the praise and recognition of your peers!

Take some time, review the challenges and pick a few for the team to work on.  Remember – they need to be submitted by January 15, 2019.