About Us

Our Organization

Rebel Alliance Robotics LLC is a community and member supported educational organization focused on hands-on teaching for students using Vex Robotics Competition as the basis for teaching programming, engineering and design principles and problem solving.

We have expanded during the 2019 offseason and will have two competition teams in the 2019-2020 Tower Takeover season. Major Trouble, team 468438C, will continue its Girl Powered efforts with 6 middle school girls. In addition, we now have Gruntled, team 46838Z with two high school girls continuing their learning and competition. As always. all the girls are very focused on not only building the robot and competing but all other aspects of the competition – the engineering notebook, the design process, the interview process and all the peripheral items that encompass competitive robotics.

The main learning elements are obvious – Engineering and design principles, coding, and documentation.  However there are many other items they learn as well – teamwork, communication and presentation skills, humility, professionalism, being a positive role model, community involvement and teaching..  Although at the high level, the skills are more tech focused, these other items have benefits stretching far beyond engineering.  Whether the girls go on to STEM focused futures, or other fields beyond STEM, these skills learned will provide a lifetime of benefits.

Our Mentors


Sam is entering his 6th year of VEX, with a background in product development in the automotive industry for the last 24 years. Sam has experience at various levels as an Engineer, Supervisor, and Manager working with emission control and acoustics of exhaust systems. He is currently leading a team of Engineers and Supervisors at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in Auburn Hills, developing exhaust after-treatment systems for NAFTA vehicle applications. Outside of work and robotics, Sam enjoys family time, soccer, snowmobiling, target shooting, and old cars.


Scott comes to robotics from the world of production and industrial automation. He has worked with GM in multiple sites in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Missouri for 29 years. He has broad controls experience with Fanuc and ABB robots, dedicated and CNC machining, Die Casting, Stamping, Predictive Maintenance technologies, Engineering and Maintenance Management and project execution. Scott currently is supporting new product launch activities by programming and optimizing stamping operations in Pontiac. Outside of work and robotics, Scott enjoys spending time with family, tinkering with circuits and programs, woodworking, old cars, and homebrewing.


Stephanie brings to the team over 20 years of experience in product development as an Engineer, Project Chief, and Engineering Business Manager in Body and Exterior Engineering in the automotive industry.  She holds a BSME from Kettering University and a MSE from Purdue University.  Stephanie is currently leading cross functional teams to drive process efficiencies and commonization at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in Auburn Hills.  This is her third year of VEX.  When not working or mentoring, Stephanie enjoys playing cards and board games, cruising, and hanging out with family.