Current Members

Meet Our Team! (A work in progress)

Hey, I’m Autumn, a team member on 46838Z! I’m a sophomore and this is my third year on a robotics team. I took a break from robotics as a freshman as I wasn’t really interested in being on the school’s high school VEX team. This year, my jobs include the engineering notebook, drive coach, as well as helping to build the robot. The main reason I joined the robotics team was due to my mom who’s an engineer. She inspired me to try out robotics in middle school and I’ve loved it ever since. (On the left)

Hello, my name is Julia, I’m a freshman and this is my 6th year in vex. I spent two years on a vex team at the local middle school and then all of last year on a private team(the middle school team and I went private). Before that I was in a mentor program with the middle school team for two years before actually becoming a part of the team. However, while being mentored I was in the stands scouting at competitions and I was present in judges interviews. I would also attend meetings and shadow the middle schoolers where I would learn how to code and I even helped build a few times. I even walked around the pits at competitions and talked to teams for alliance scouting. I met Autumn and Abby through the middle school robotics program. (In the middle)

Hi, my name is Abby, and that isn’t Abby Lee Miller… Anyways, I’m on Team Gruntled and in 8th grade. I decided to be on the high school team for more opportunity, as they didn’t have as many members. My jobs include helping build the robot, managing our social medias, and driving our chassis. I joined robotics because my sister was on the team the year before me whilst I was being mentored as a 5th grader making this my 4th year on the team. (On the right)