Event #4 – Nissan VRC HS/MS Turning Point League

Our first League event is coming up on December 3rd at the Nissan North America Technical Center, located in Farmington Hills MI (event page). This league meets 4 times, December 16, 2018, January 13 2019, January 27, 2019 all at the technical center and will have a final event on February 3, 2019 at Cranbrook.  I have not received much info about this event, but as I do, I will pass it along to the group.  The only thing I know is as of now, there are 6 open spots of 24, the events are on Sunday afternoons from 2-5 (championship agenda is not determined yet).  When I get more info on the event we will determine what is needed for support personnel at the events. 

Mark the dates on your calendar.

Lapeer Pictures

Special event – MathWorks Robot Autonomy and Control Webinar

This event came up on robotevents and I wanted to pass it along to the group.  This is  a webinar for programming autonomous and working with sensors.  Its a hands on lecture and demonstration for programming autonomous for VEX robotics.  Its a FREE online event intended to help teams get started and perfect their programming skills, explaining and demonstrating how to use simulation and programming for

  • Avoiding Obstacles
  • Moving For Time
  • Dead Reckoning
  • Navigating With Sensors
  • Determining Position
  • Controlling Position
  • etecting Objects

There are two sessions – one on December 5th and the second on January 30th.  Both are from 5-7.  Info to connect to the program stream will come after registration. 

If any of you are interested, please let Scott Barrett know. 

Event #3, December 1, 2018, West Michigan Holiday VRC MS Turning Point Tournament

This is the 5th Annual Very Merry Holiday VEX Tournament held in Grandville, MI!  Again, there are two concurrent events this year – a High School Event and a Middle School Event in the same gym.  We are participating in the middle school only  event.  There are 40 teams registered.

Last year, this was the 3rd largest event (excluding Worlds and US Open) in the country as it featured 66 high school teams and 50 middle school teams.  There were eight competition fields in one gym (and of course they were all named after the reindeer)!

Doors open at 7:30am and robot check-in and inspection will begin immediately.  Awards are scheduled for 5:00pm.  

The event is held at the Grandville High School, 4700 Canal SW, Grandville, MI 49418.  Link to event pageLink to driving info.

This is a fun event and the girls are planning to come decked out in “holiday garbo”, wearing holiday leggings, camo Santa hats (on order), and Major Trouble shirts.  Please get your lunch orders to Jenn before the Thursday meeting (order form).

UPDATE – Event #2, November 17, 2018, Lapeer Lightning VRC MS/HS Turning Point Tournament

More information for our second event in Lapeer. I’ve posted a map and driving directions for how to get to the Lapeer Center for Innovation as well as the agenda. Summary – the doors open at 9:00. Please get there as soon as you can, as the practice field opens at 9:15, drivers meeting and opening ceremonies are 9:30 and the qualifications start at 10:00.  That doesn’t leave much time to get the booth set up, items turned in, inspection completed and on the practice field before the match starts.  Plus, this is a full event of 40 teams, combined middle and high school.  We have some stiff competition – see the event page for more info. 

Lunch will be from 1-2. The lunch order form will be done by paper copy, as it seems the online form did not work for everyone. As before, please select your desired items and deliver the form and payment to Jenn at the meeting on Thursday, Nov 15th.

Elimination matches are scheduled to start at 4:45, with the awards at 5:30, and the event wrapping up at 6:00. As always, these times are subject to some tweaking so mileage will vary depending on the conditions of the day.

If friends or family members wish to come, please pass along the directions. Robot events are free for spectators so bring support. At the Kettering event, it was nice to have such a large entourage for our team. Even the field announcers recognized it. The LED signs are updated for the team number, so we will have 6 boards now. We will need help to hold them up! 

In addition to us, the EngiNERDS from Grand Blanc High School will be there with 4 teams, the NERDlings from Grand Blanc West  will be there with 3 teams, and the Engicats from Grand Blanc East have 6 teams registered to be there.  Grand Blanc will represent well with 14 of 40 spots. 

See you there.

Lets Cause Some Trouble Ladies!!!

Indian Hill Girl Powered Event

Our First Autonomous Code

During today’s meeting, 10/20/18, we began writing the code for the autonomous period at the beginning of each match. Major Trouble’s strategy for the 15-second challenge is to have multiple different codes so as to better collaborate with our alliance partner and score more points. We currently only have one strand of code, but we are planning for up to five.