Girl Powered in Troy

Today, 10-14-2018 we went to Troy to speak and listen to the presentation of some other amazing robotics teams, involving what they do and why they are girl-powered. We are Girl Powered because we support each other, and encourage others outside of the team. We got the opportunity to listen and talk about what we love about robotics.

Some members of our team got the chance to drive a working robot for the first time because sadly our robot, Charlie 5.0 is not yet up and running. We were also able to interact with robotics teams from both elementary and high school levels. This was an amazing event and a great experience for our team, that will hopefully be followed by a productive meeting. 

Why would you do this?

Some might ask, Why would you do this?  Be involved in robotics, I mean.  As a student.  As a mentor.  As a parent supporter.  It brings long hours.  It brings lots of headaches.  It certainly isn’t a cheap activity.  Theres many nights of worry, and thinking.  Well, maybe this can answer.  Its put out by our friends at FIRST, but its just as applicable to VEX.