Its National Engineers Week!

In celebration of some of those who change the world, here are a few videos of what its like to be an engineer. Its an incredibly rewarding career, with many twists and turns. Many days can be completely unexpected. But to actually see something you worked so hard on become a reality, something that works well, does what its supposed to do, and changes someones life… that’s pretty special.

Among the other videos, this first one hits close. I worked in this lab during my time at MSU, constructing these and other augmentative communication aids to help give a voice to those who couldn’t otherwise speak. Being a part of something that allowed a child who couldn’t talk to say “I love you” to her parents for the first time, or allowing someone to give a special address to congress on assistive technology is an incredible thing.

So many times we think of the thing, the gadget, the lights and sounds that they make. But the IMPACT of the device has a much greater meaning.

12 point auton swing

Since January we have a qualifier record of 24-9-1 and have won the autonomous bonus 26 times. That’s a huge advantage for our team as it sets a large deficit for the opponents to overcome. A large part of this winning is from our current far tile autonomous. In it we flip the top flag (flip score for us), take the ball from under one cap (scoring it for us), flip another cap (flipping to score for us), go flip the top center flag (scoring it for us) and, if needed based on our partner and their abilities, park. In 15 seconds. Thats a raw score of 9 points for us, and a 12 point swing (descoring an opponents flag and cap).

As described above, our auton is selectable. We currently have 4 selectable programs, one for each tile location, and each is selectable for using the park or not. This gives us lots of flexibility in working with the capabilities and levels of our partners. All this, plus our skills programs are selected using the VEX LCD and our menuing programs.

We have been working on all this this since the beginning of the year and its getting pretty good. This past weekend, it was successful twice. Sometimes we hit a field element when executing and that takes our path off location. We will continue to refine prior to states and the US Open in August to get the path clear and working more reliable.

Check out the video on our YouTube Page. Needless to say, we are quite excited to show you, and hopefully you are on our alliance when you see it!