Event #0.5 – Practice at Kettering University Robotics Center- 10-25-18

Hey Team – We have a practice session arranged for next Thursday, October 25th.  It is held at the Kettering University Robotics Center (map – the building with the pin at the corner of Chevrolet and Dupont.  There is a stairway in the outside corner where we enter.).  It will be at our normal meeting time, 6:00pm.  The lab is open until 9:00, but they expect practice teams to start to clean up and move out at 8:30, as everyone has homes and families to get back to.

This will be our first attempt at driving and programming an autonomous in preparation for our competition on Nov. 3.  It will be critical that we have everyones attention and stay focused on getting Charlie working properly.  In addition, we are using another facility and although its not a judged event, lets make sure our friends at Kettering remember how professional Major Trouble is.  See you there!