Community Outreach

We went to a local elementary school to teach younger students about STEM. We walked them through fun experiments and taught them a little about what Major Trouble does as a team. Most of the students in our program where girls, and we talked a little about what it means to be girl powered. We hope that these girls are inspired to join vex robotics or programs like it and eventually chose jobs in fields typically thought of as being meant for males. 
Students designed their own paper airplanes and launched them, they sometimes tried multiple versions of their plane before finding one that would launch successfully.    
We guided students through the process of making a chemical reaction called elephant’s toothpaste. This was probably the girls favorite station, and they enjoyed added color to their chemicals to make a colorful, foamy mess. 
Students used different types of liquids with different densities. They first colored the liquids the colors of the rainbow and slowly added each liquid. The different densities made layers and in the end made a rainbow.